Hey guys, so I wanted to introduce myself and explain to you why I have this blog. It is actually rather unusuall story. So, I’m Jake, 35yo and I started this blog to stick it to my former boss. 😀 Well, it started that way, but now it is more than that.

Why my boss? Well, I was working in one shop with gardening tools as a salesman and my boss was an idiot. His main concern was to sell a product with the highest price. So, he forced us to sell products which are expensive to everyone. If some rookie comes in our store to buy a weed eater for his back yard which is very small, our boss would force us to sell him the best lawn mower we have. Lawn mowers are for big yards and I could see that that guy doesn’t need a lawn mower, buy I had to sell it to him. This was my average day, sometimes someone whould come who knows a thing or tow about gardening and weed trimming and I loved those customers because they knew what they needed. Few months wroking in that store with small paycheck I decided to say goodbye and I said to myself never again. I won’t lie to another customer to sell something they don’t need!

Due to that I have made this blog. Here you can read and learn what you really need and how to pick that one battery weed eater for your small back yard and not some proffesional high end trimmer you really don’t need!

Start reading and avoid buying something you don’t need!

Do you have a question about gardening or maintainig your yard? You aren’t sure which is the best weed eater for your need? No problem, just send me your concerces and I will contact you in next 24 hours!

For every suggestion, idea, critic or a prasie, feel free to contact me!

I can’t wait to hear from you!