Best weed eater brand

So, you wish to buy the best weed eater brand?  However, what brand is good or what models can suit your needs?  There are the gas powered trimmers and electric trimmers with the batteries and cords. With the gas powered trimmers, you will get power as well as efficiency you will expect from the gas powered motor however you get price tag also for weed eater brands.  With the quality weed best weed eater brand, one can expect to spend above $200. The corded electric trimmers have the power to handle the grass and many gas powered trimmers however at the fraction of cost & weight.  However, there is an issue of cord.  For the large properties, this might not be a right choice. The cordless electric trimmers are very lightweight without an extension cord.  And they are good while charge lasts, however, battery life is a drawback to the cordless trimmer. As gas is to the gas powered trimmer. Let us take a close look at top brands in the weed best weed eater brand (no particular order).  Thus, what makes the brands very unique or who they are well suited for?

Black & Decker

Black & Decker, known for the tools with the best weed eater brand, makes the best cordless string trimmer. Black & Decker Trimmer fitted with the lithium battery and giving it 40 minutes of battery life at the full power usage considers the best weed eater brand. To conserve the power and the extend run-time; one can very easily adjust this setting with command dial that will run very efficiently with weed eater brands.  Besides being the string trimmer, unit converts to the edger and giving it the double function. Homeowner searching for the quality trimmer with the rugged and durable design with basic features and with the battery just lasting over 40 minutes, this will not be very practical for the commercial use of the best weed eater brand. The downside is they are normally noisier, heavier, and need gas and oil for operating.

Pros: Safe; Quality; Good battery life

Cons: Noisy; Heavy; Uses gas and oil


Husqvarna is a name to beat while it comes about outdoor equipment, and ranging from the chainsaws to the lawn mowers.  They are known well for the gas powered trimmers, however, watch for the price tag. Husqvarna Gas Trimmer has 17inch cutting area as well as made to the commercial standards but simple enough for average homeowner control with the best weed eater brand.  With the gas powered engine, this has a power to cut down about anything in the path.  The spool is of semi-automatic as well as runs virtually without any vibration with weed eater brands.  It is perfect for commercial user and homeowners with the larger lots.  It is made with the power of mind and ease of use, which the owners expect with the best weed eater brand.

Pros: Good to use; Lightweight; semi-automatic spool

Cons: Price; Features

Green Works

With the name like GreenWorks, there is not any surprise that they strive in bringing the environmentally tools to the industry dominated by the gas guzzling mowers as well as clouds of exhaust.  Also, they also deliver best weed eater brand. GreenWorks String Trimmer also has 18-inch cut area, with the cushioned grips that will reduce the vibrations during the use.  Suppose you do not mind the cord, the string trimmer delivers the quality at low rate point.  This 10 amp motor gives needed power whereas design allows for the flexibility.  Not like most of the electric best weed eater brand, the unit is totally compatible with the gas power attachments. Discerning home owner and with power & flexibility of the design, this has performance required to tackle any job.  Suppose it was not for this cord with the best weed eater brand.

Pros: Safe; Durable; Cushioned grips reduce vibration

Cons: Price; Quality


The Dewalt, known for the power tools but while it comes about lawn care, they will deliver goods with the higher line trimmers. Dewalt String Trimmer generally runs off of the Lithium Ion power for the extended battery life.  The design takes into account harsh conditions tools that are put through, and with metal gear case that will protect the patented gear system.  That adds to the performance of the string trimmer. Power user and extended battery life with the best weed eater brand, and rugged design, also makes it the tool that can get your job done with the power required to cut through many landscapes with the best weed eater brand.

Pros: Good to use; Safe, Good battery life

Cons: Price


Worx brings the innovation and the design to each project that they make to tackle the weed with the best weed eater brand is no exception. Worx string Trimmer and Edger and Mini-Mower is the feature rich unit, which does all with weed eater brands.  This is made for the easy conversion from the standard string trimmer and edger, to mini-mower.  This runs on the lightweight Lithium battery for the longer battery life as well as comes with the automatic single feed that which means not any bumping it.  This takes in account user with the adjustable grips that will make for the comfortable use for the people of any heights with the best weed eater brand.

Pros: Price; Good for use; Good battery life

Cons: Features


The Tanaka has made a name in power equipment that is market by building the quality commercial grade tools.  The string trimmers are no exception. Tanaka Trimmer has the commercial grade Engine designed in delivering the performance at the lower fuel consumption with the best weed eater brand.  The Smart Start system for the quick starts and designed in withstanding the hard working state with reinforced tank guard and 2line and semi-automatic feed that it comes in.  With the user in the mind, trimmer was made with the anti vibrations grips as well as lightweight design to get simple and the ergonomic handling with the best weed eater brand.

Pros: Safe; Price; Lower fuel consumption; Smart System

Cons: Not so durable