Best weed eater for the money

Black and Decker LST 136W String Trimmer

The Black and Decker best weed eater for the money is the known and widely trusted brand thus you will expect them to make the quality machine. This LST 136W string trimmer also feels robust for the battery powered weed wacker as well as is well balanced, in spite of the weight of a battery in an end of the handle. The controls are very good too – and chunky to get used while wearing gloves. Black and Decker LST 136W 40 V Max Lithium Trimmer is the impressive, as well as well thought machine, is the best weed eater for the money. There are the options for the longer running time and more power. Cutting headed will get rotated within seconds to turn this from the weed eater to the edger, without any need for the add-ons. Spool has the automatic feed thus you do not get any problems associated with the bump feed models. This 40 volt of power-pack is also interchangeable with many other tools in this range. Even though not everyone is very happy with the battery life, it is something that actually affects all the cordless devices, thus it is unfair to single the individual machine is the best weed eater for the money.

Pros: Safe; Durable

Cons: Price; Features

GreenWorks 21142 Trimmer

GreenWorks 21142 trimmer is a lightest of the selection at only 9.9 pounds is the best weed eater for the money. Even though that is just the pound and so less than any others, it is seen as the definite advantage by a lot of users. This trigger handle is been cushioned that will reduce the vibration and there is the useful additional handle on the main shaft. There are some who may find needing and plug this in a little of pain, however, flip-side is you do not have to stop and recharge the batteries and refill a gas tank! In spite of the low price, they have not cut corners on GreenWorks 21142 wacker. It is not the luxury model, however, it is perfectly adequate and it is the best weed eater for the money. The spool feed is a common bump system. Some owners have also complained about the tangling but it is the common criticism of this type of the spool, irrespective of the manufacturer. There also have been the reports of the trouble finding the new pre-wound spools, even though the line is willingly available and it is not very difficult to wind own. On a plus side, Quick Connect system means that you may extend the usability with the attachments like the pole saw, blower or edger, available from the companies like the Ryobi and is the best weed eater for the money.

Pros: Lightweight; Safe;

Cons: Price; Features

Husqvarna 128 DJx 2Stroke Trimmer

The gas powered wackers like Husqvarna 128DJx usually are thought of big and heavy tools, still, at 10.8pounds, the model is some ounces lighter than cordless Black and Decker above. There’s the kind of the pendulum effect with 2cycle of the motor being at an end of shaft, however, there is the auxiliary handle —as well as harness —thus control is very good. Actually, when you are used to this, it helps the rhythm when you cut. Gas powered of Husqvarna delivers what you will expect from the “pro” machine. This does not mean that you need some extra skills for using it – actually it is very user-friendly like anything here. This features the Husqvarna’s „start” system, thus it is simple to get ongoing as well as is also CARB compliant, and meaning it meets the strict emission regulations. It is an only weed eater that we reviewed has the harness and an only one with the steel brush blade to complement semi-automatic spool is the best weed eater for the money.

Pros: Safe; Quality

Cons: Shipping

Core CGT 400 CGTSD Powered Trimmer

I have encountered the similar issues with Core CGT 400 CGTSD. It is called the “gasless” instead cordless trimmer due to some different technology (and more on this in the moment) however regardless of technical name, still it has the substantial motor sticking on the back is the best weed eater for the money. It is not any heavier than other machines, as well as has the secondary handle. Once again, whereas we will have liked and see the harness on the weed eater, this is the exemplary product. Core CGT 400 is not like any corded, cordless and gas powered wackers. The CORE stands for the Conductor Optimized Energy as well as strictly speaking it is the battery powered device is the best weed eater for the money, the focus is what they will call the “high-energy cell”. It supposedly gives convenience as well as eco-friendly benefits for cordless however with long operational times for gas engine. Like Black and Decker, this has the dual modes – to maximize the torque or to extend the run time. Oddly, in spite of all tech elsewhere on the model, the spool is ordinary bump type is the best weed eater for the money.

Pros: Price; Safe

Cons: Shipping

Hitachi CG 22EAP2SL Gas String Trimmer

The second gas machine, Hitachi CG 22EASSLP, has the similar configuration to Husqvarna and weighs more and less the same. There is obligatory second handle that will help with the control, however, we were surprised that it does not have the harness. Hitachi appears to be totally aware of the people’s concern in starting as the gas powered eater as well as claim the S-Start technology decreases pull by over 50%. I am not very sure how you may measure “pull”, however, we agree that like Husqvarna, the modern weed wackers also are easier to begin than they have used to and is best weed eater for the money.

Pros: Safe; Durable

Cons: Quality