House foundation cover

You know ugly and exposed concrete section, which surrounds base of the house? Yeah, that is the foundation. They have yet to create the way to construct this in a way that is very appealing to the eye, in place of leaving you with the unfinished and rough concrete. However, there are some ways to hide the house foundation with the house foundation cover, suppose you are very creative enough. A bit of the elbow grease, the free time, as well as imagination, will turn the unattractive concrete base in something with the awesome curb appeal. Right decoration for the foundation of the house completes exterior appearance with house foundation cover. The small area at a base of the home is generally left undecorated by the builders. Siding and paint of home end at the point leaving the bare concrete visible and painting o other methods of the decoration are accessible to improve the unsightly area and you can do this with house foundation cover.

All in a Wrist

Stucco will be a little outdated in the terms of the interiors, but still, it is used on the exteriors as house foundation cover and for the good reason. Look at how a bit of stucco and patience will do for the home’s foundation. Just by applying this all around, you will get the nice finished look, which says, “I actually care how my house looks with the house foundation cover.”

Creative Criss Cross

By adding the finished material to the concrete part of the foundation does a trick, however what about areas around the decks or other structures that also protrude out from the home? These make the empty spaces below where you may catch the glimpses of the ugly foundation that is peeking out. You can cover this up with house foundation cover and gorgeous framed lattice.

Master of Disguise

Suppose stucco and the fancy lattice is not your thing, you can consider the creative idea to cover the foundation! To break this down, you can look very closely, you may see how homeowner matched siding color and trimmed this all with same cape blue slats. It gives the appearance that there is no foundation. Neat!

Keep this Simple

Thus, maybe you are not handy, or maybe you are not very creative either. What? You still can give the house foundation cover refresh with a simple coat of the paint. Ensure you scrape off cracked and peeling material that is on a surface before you apply anything new. Or, you will be back at square one within a year. Dress this up with some nice flower pots.

Stone Cold

Now it is where we will get very creative. Suppose you’re not very comfortable applying the stone materials to the home yourself, then you may hire aid of a local contractor. They will know what they can do. But, suppose you are up for the project of house foundation cover, then fire away! The idea is a beautiful way you can hide the home’s foundation as well as give high-end look.

Hidden in Flowers

There’re a few ideas that do not involve touching foundation itself, however rather just covering this up. By installing raised flower bed or planting large plants, easily you can mask exposed concrete behind this. Easy peasy, as well as adds value to a home.

Fill In

One way you can disguise concrete border over the home without even touching it. By installing the bed of gravel and decorative rocks and you may get real creative as well as do fancy dry bed. This can especially help in case you have the moisture problems in the basement.

Slap On

There are some different materials that you may purchase for house foundation cover, however, this one consists of the sheets of the Styrofoam insulation with the protective coating on the outside. You need to apply straight to concrete using Premium and another type of the adhesive and you are good to go!

Big Bushes

Big and bushy shrubs are a way to go in case you are looking for the simple way to hide your foundation behind something. It is also the best way you can add in landscaping as well as improve the look of the exterior more with this house foundation cover. Bushier the better!

The decorative lattice typically is found in the gardens holding vines as well as plants in place and forming walls. You can use lattice for hiding foundation area of your home. Lattice is accessible in the wood varieties finished and unfinished from the garden and the home supply stores. You need to cut lattice being your house foundation cover so that it fits under siding and brick. Paint and stain lattice to match your home. Use just clear coat for the natural or the rustic look. Bury lattice in the ground around your foundation of home so the top is flush at bottom of siding and brick. Decorate lattice when desired with the durable fake vines or flowers and leave as for simple look.


One method to hide the house’s foundation will be to landscape around the area. For a person with the green thumb or love of gardening, you can supply the seasonal plants big enough to cover the area. For less enthusiastic gardener still who appreciates plants, you can consider growing the small evergreen trees over the base of the home. Whereas they do need maintenance, trees consistently will cover an area without any seasonal replanting. Think of large rock collection like the river rocks and small boulders that will form the barrier around edge of your home as well as cover exposed foundation with house foundation cover. Fake rocks are accessible at the garden stores for the purpose. If is a very important thing that if a product is good and also the price along with good customer service it becomes a good choice for most of the people. This is super product and you should not think about anything else before buying it.