Spade vs shovel

Lots of people use terms “shovel” & “spade” interchangeably. However, do you know they are actually different tools? Let us look at this spade vs shovel. Both spades vs shovels are actually made from same metals. Most of the spades vs shovels are made from the steel, aluminum, plastic or iron. It is very common to see the spades or shovels made from the steel, of as it is the toughest metals as well as are lightweight. The product quality is also good and the price which you pay is good. The Iron shovels or spades are heavy, and some full size of shovels are also made from iron. This makes the quality good and becomes an attractive option for many. The aluminum shovels & spades are lightweight, however, they might not be very strong to hold plenty of weight. Handles are generally made from the plastic and wood on both the shovels vs. spades.

Shovel & spade

The shovel is much longer than the spade. There is little difference between the shovels and the spades in the terms of materials that are used. Both are found in the wood or the fiberglass handles and makes its point that you compare well with the carbon or the stainless steel blades. The weight is mainly dependent on the materials used, like is cost. The weight and cost can also differ with the intended use of a tool; these used for the specialty purposes generally will cost more. The biggest differences between the shovels and the spades can be found, in handle and shaft and blade. This product is light to carry and that makes it a good choice for most people who have an interest in gardening.

About Blade


Square spade blade also is perfect for edging the garden beds. This blade and scoop are used to cut through the soil, roots, and sod or to move the soil, gravel, sand, etc. Larger the blade, more of material you may move so think about the spade a vs shovel. However, be very careful that with this is not very large or you might find that you cannot lift the full load and that you tire fast. Sharply pointed blades actually are very effective in cutting on the hard ground and through the tough materials like the roots, whereas flat blades are good for edging or lifting the loose material.

About Handle and Shaft

The longer handle, and shaft, gives higher leverage as well as is very useful for the heavier work or for cutting down the roots or tough ground, whereas shorter handle gives greater control as well as is very useful for planting and digging up the bulbs make it a point that you understand the difference between the spade vs shovel.

Shovel & Spade Blade

Shovel blade typically is curved as A shovel has the broader blade, which is curved inwards by the left to right as well as is rounded and pointed at a tip. The blade length and shape will vary, which depends on intended use – you will find the shovels with the extra long blades with spade vs shovel, the saw tooth edges as well as ledges downsides. Shovel blade generally tends to be much larger than that found on the spades. The spade normally has the relatively flat blade and with the straight edges. It is smaller than the shovel (though size does differ, depending on the use) and blade generally tends to be in line with the shaft, instead of angled forward with spade vs shovel.

Shovel & Spade Handle or Shaft

The  “D” and “YD” handle on the spade A shovel generally has the long and straight handle, which allows you get a lot of leverage while digging the deep holes. Contrast, shorter shaft works well with the spade as well as comes in very handy while working in the tight spaces, like the flowerbed. Lots of spades have “T” and “DY” handle that will give you more of options for holding with spade vs shovel. The shorter shaft is always better and makes the product is to use and more durable.

Shovel & Spade Shape

Spade (foreground) is normally straighter than the shovel (background). You also might notice that the spade generally tends to be much straighter than the shovel from the handle to the blade tip. While shovel blade is generally angled forward, spade blade isn’t. It is that angle makes the biggest difference in the functionality between two tools so know more about spade vs shovel. Angled shovel blade also makes this efficient for digging. Straighter spade will get used for digging, however, is well used for slicing by as well as lifting the sod and edging lawns or beds, the skimming weeds or opening the straight sided holes and trenches.

Cut & Kick….Cut & Kick

The beveled edge defines bed from turf as well as drop prevents the turf from very easily sneaking over. And you may literally need to define an edge many times in a year. Give this the nice haircut just by turning the weed trimmer at a 90degree angle as well as run this along with an edge ( After some tries you will see that it is very simple to do). Once again, you do not need any of the fancy edge trimmers, and no needless bending over….. only the regular old whacker can do with spade vs shovel. Since it can reach various angles is a very good product to make use of.


Whereas you may manage with just the shovel or the spade, gardening will get very efficient and enjoyable in case you have the both. Now it is on you –What do you use, the shovel or the spade? Did you have the favorite? You can share the thoughts in comments! Edging the garden bed is actually very simple and easy to maintain at a flat edge of the spade. You cut an edge clean a well as give spade one kick with the toe pushing soil upon the angle and know you must be knowing about spade vs shovel.