Walk behind trimmer

Suppose you are the homeowner and lawn care professional, probably you know by now the importance of having the durable and the reliable trimmer like Husqvarna walk behind trimmer. The string trimmer is the essential tool in case you want the lawn to look very flawless. But, carrying the string trimmer will be very difficult, especially in case you have the large lawn and if you are the landscape that makes use of a tool on the daily basis. Thus, how you can manicure the lawn without supporting the high level of the fatigue? Luckily, lots of outdoor power manufacturers invested in the production of convenient and easy trimmers like Husqvarna walk behind trimmer. Read the buyer’s guide and find out if the tool is very much suitable for you or consult the best walk behind string trimmer reviews and choose the favorite machine like Husqvarna. A good customer is a key to the success of any product. This is one of the best product with very good customer service and that makes it a good choice for one and all to buy it.

How To Selecting the Walk Behind String Trimmer?

Walk behind trimmers from Husqvarna are very powerful lawn tools that actually have an aspect very much similar to walk behind lawn mowers as well as functionalities of regular trimmers. The Husqvarna walk behind trimmer is powered by powerful engines as well as having the wider cutting swaths, and these machines are also recommended not just for professional landscapers also for residential users, which have the lawns larger than one acre and who have the thick grass as well as stubborn weeds that they need to deal with. Even though the Husqvarna walk behind trimmer are very less versatile than very popular whackers, typically they deliver the better results at all kinds of the grass and are very easily used at almost all the terrains, irrespective of topography. Let us see what are main the features of the Husqvarna walk behind trimmer, thus you may decide if this can be the good option for you.


The Husqvarna walk behind trimmer which is accessible in the market is gas powered by four-stroke engines of the various capacities. The best part of the engines is they will run on the gas all alone, thus you may not need to worry about mixing right ratio of the oil and the gas. But, you may need to use right kind of the lubricant and oil that will ensure well functioning of a tool on a long term. As Husqvarna walk behind trimmer is been powered by the gas engines, starting system is in most of the cases very much same to one that is used for gas powered behind lawn mowers. Thus you can probably need to operate the recoil starter, which is actioned just by pulling the rope. For a few users, this can be the negative aspect so keep it in mind.

Cutting Features

Same to popular whackers, Husqvarna walk behind trimmer use the string system that will cut down the grass and weeds. The main difference between both the types of the string trimmers is cutting width. Wheeled string trimmers actually feature the wide cutting swaths, which will reach even 22inches. The feature makes the machines totally perfect for the large lawns and for the intensive use and reducing overall trimming time. Besides cutting down the width, the kind of line that is used on the machines is many times thicker, whereas cutting heads will use over 4 strings at the time for the increased efficiency. There is Husqvarna walk behind trimmer that is available on the market that features the adjustable cutting heights. The feature makes the machines ideal for use at any kind of the terrain, and, overall, for use at any kind of the grass and weeds.


Generally, wheels of the string trimmers are actually made of the hard plastic and another kind of the resistant material that are used on the multiple types of the terrains. The first thing you need to consider prior to buying the Husqvarna walk behind trimmer is a type of the lawn that you have. You must take in account not just the size but as well type of the terrain as well as the type of the grass that you have. It is based on the information, you must decide cutting width, and desired height of a machine and cutting height. Thus, you must try to invest in the model that has the adjustable cutting feature. But, if this isn’t possible, at least select most appropriate height in your case.

Man Using the Lawn Mower

Based on a type of the grass and the weeds, you must also choose the thickness of cutting line. Lawn characteristics must also determine engine’s capacity. There are some most famous trimmers like Husqvarna walk behind trimmer in the market that have the engines from 140cc to 190cc. The Husqvarna is well-known for the reliable tools, as well as the manufacturer does not disappoint with an HU625HWT string trimmer. Husqvarna walks behind trimmer unit is been powered by 190 cc Quantum engine from the Briggs and Stratton as well as features 22inch of cutting swath. In order, to make the machine very user-friendly, the Husqvarna walk behind trimmer equipped this with the adjustable handle, which has the unlimited adjustment positions. Generally, you will have complete freedom to select the height, which best suits you, and without any kind of preset positions.

Pros: Adjustable cutting height: cutting height differs from over 1.6 to over 3 inches; Throttle control: all thanks to the feature, you can now adjust cutting speed as per the needs; Good cutting quality: the string trimmer makes use of the rotating cutting head, which delivers the best cutting quality; Best maneuverability: 12inch of wheels make the string trimmer very simple to maneuver.

Cons: Some users actually complained about having some difficulties to start this machine.