Worx GT2 review

Are you very much tired of hauling over the heavy and smelly gas trimmer? And tripping over the cord on the electric one? Then new and redesigned Worx GT2 Max Lithium TM three in one Grass Trimmer and Edger and Mower might be a perfect option for you.  This is very good product and you will never have a problem making use of this, also you can read some Worx GT2 reviews and that should give you some good information. There are 3 main kinds of the weed eaters: the Plug-in, the battery, and the gas weed eaters.

Operating WORX GT2.0 String Trimmer and Edger

Using Worx GT2 trimmer is very simple as sliding in battery back as well as pressing ‘On’ button. There is no gas tank you need to fill, or no cord pull, and no trying to find the outdoor electrical outlet in Worx GT2. Press & go. Obviously, you do need to plan ahead and ensure that battery pack are charged by time you want it and then you can read Worx GT2 reviews are a rich source of information and a must for your reading

Using String Trimmer

The tool will get used as the regular string trimmer. At the redesigned version, the Worx GT2 has increased trimming diameter to full 12inch, and allowing you trim the nice and wide swath. The Worx recommends attaching support wheels below Safety Guard that will keep trimmer head the safe and consistent distance above the ground. But, wheels also limit you to unnatural side and side movement as well as make for the slow going. Never bother using support wheels – and extend Flower Guard (prevent you in chopping down the prized petunias) as well as use this as you will other string trimmers. While working all along the uneven walls and around the rocks, you might have to push in Flower Guard thus you will get much closer to an object.

Using Edger

With the simple adjustment to handle as well as trimmer head, Worx GT2 three in one trimmer will get converted to the good edger. Just by attaching wheel assembly on side of a trimmer head in Worx GT2, you may very easily ‘drive’ edger in the straight line with just one hand.

Using Mower

The Worx GT2 suggests you may use the trimmer as the mower to get in hard and -reach places where the lawn mower will not fit (example, between and underneath bushes). In order, to do this, they will recommend attaching support wheel below Safety Guard as well as using trimmer in the straight backward or forwards motion. This works – sort of. Front of this trimmer head generally keeps the nose diving when you move back or forth and it is tough to move trimmer where you want it due to the wheel assembly. Never bother with wheels –use this as the string trimmer of Worx GT2 and this can get your job done.

Using Support Wheels

I have mentioned wheels many times already, however, what are they? Worx GT2 three in one Trimmer and Edger generally comes with the optional wheel assembly, which is intended to give total support when the tool is in the use. Support wheels very easily slide on the metal plates that are located in many places on a trimmer head and safety guard, and including handy spot and where they are stored on the tool itself while not in the use (good idea for people who generally tend to lose the items that are not locked down!). Whereas support wheels are also helpful while using a tool as the edger, they just get in the way while trimming and mowing. The tool is very light that wheels are not needed for the support.

LiIon Rechargeable Battery

Earlier versions of Worx GT2 Trimmer and Edger had some problems with the battery life. The manufacturer says they have found the new battery provider that has rectified previous problems, as well as that new high density of MaxLithium TM battery, has twice the capacity of the previous batteries. So, after using the trimmer for the full season, I will say that I have had not any problems with battery at all with Worx GT2. Actually, I can o trim (admittedly small) property two times on the single charge. For the full details about the battery, you can read more about Worx GT2 Max Lithium Battery with the Brandon Martin, the Worx GT2 Product Manager. Li-Ion battery should be completely charged before any use (it isn’t charged while you purchase it) that can take over 12 hours the first time you will charge it. Then, charging must take around 3 hours. Never, try to “squeeze the juice” from the battery while it stops working. That is the sure fire way of killing your battery. Put this on charger & recharge it (it is where second battery comes handy!). Suppose you store the trimmer in garden shed and other damp spots, you will want to store battery charger else – water is not the good thing while dealing with the electricity and you should read Worx GT2 reviews, once you read them that should make things much easier and will let you know about the product more.

Super Adjustable

Trimmer’s head tilts over 90degrees with just two clicks of pivot head locking knob (and one click unlock it, second to lock) with Worx GT2. No torquing on this to move in the position. Shaft length (2” much longer than the previous models) is completely adjustable that will suit the height, and the auxiliary handle will get moved in the wide variety of the positions with Worx GT2. Between two, you may easily adjust this tool to perfect height as well as the angle of the use. The users with the smaller hands might find main handle (and where on and off switch is been located) to be large and, after the prolonged use, the hand might begin to cramp up with Worx GT2.

Pros: Light weight; Safe; Durable

Cons: Price; Features