Best Weed Eater / Wacker / Trimmer

If you have a house with a backyard I am sure the main place for every summer dinner is there. The barbecue is slowly working, friends are chatting and you are enjoying. But, to make that happen, your backyard should be trimmed and weed free. I know that in spring it is a struggle to clean the backyard, but once you are done with that chore, you can grill a barbecue and enjoy your scenery. To make gardening easier and your backyard great looking you will have to roll your sleeves and do the work. With proper equipment, that shouldn’t be a hassle at all. Weed eaters which are also known as weed whackers or trimmers can make your gardening chores a breeze, as long as you know how to pick the best weed eater for your backyard. You are probably thinking, how hard can it be to buy the bets weed trimmer? It isn’t hard at all. The hard part is to buy the best weed wacker for you and your backyard.

When you are thinking about weed trimming you are probably thinking that the only criteria are that the trimmer cuts the weed. You aren’t wrong, but there are many other things you can think about to make your trimming responsibilities easier. I had trouble with my weed wacker which I had and I thought is ti the best weed trimmer, until I have figured out that there are more than just one weed trimmer model. The variety is extremely big, all you have to do is to decide what you are looking for. And to do that, I will first show you what are the things you can choose. You will be surprised.

So, due to that, I have made this guide on how to pick the best weed wacker for you. First, lets us talk about the types of weed eaters:

What is the best weed eater type for you?

The first and most important category to choose the best trimmer is a type of the trimmer.This means that you can choose from an energy source of the trimmer. Three main types of weed eaters are:

Battery powered weed eater

Battery powered weed eater is a great weed eater, actually the best weed eater for smaller yards. It is a simple device which you can use if you don’t know much about trimming. What makes this weed wacker so great is that it is an extremely light device. You can trim your yard and you won’t feel pain in your arms because of the trimmer. Another great advantage of battery-powered trimmer is that it is portable. No cords, you can put it in the car and go to the summer house. For fully functioning trimmer all you need is a charged battery. The thing which is its main advantage can be its main disadvantage as well. When you are trimming and the battery runs out, you have to wait until the battery charges again to continue trimming. If you don’t like to make unexpected brakes due to the empty battery, buy another battery and use the second one while the first one is charging. I know that it may sound like an expense, but remember, you are using the electric power which is much cheaper than gas. In my opinion, the best weed trimmer with battery is a solution for people who have small yards, don’t want to be surrounded with cords and want to make things done immediately. When you are using a battery powered weed eater, all you need to do is to grab the trimmer and turn it on. No cords, no gas, no complications.

Electric corded weed trimmer

This trimmer also runs on electric power, but it has some boundaries. And by boundaries I mean in realy, physical boundary. If you want to buy an electric trimmer which will work without charging the batters, than this corded trimmer is the best weed trimmer for you. This may mean that you won’t get interrupted with empty battery sign, but it also means that you have one radious you must respect. When you get to the end of the cord, you can’t go any further. Since it is an electric weed trimmer, this trimmer doesn’t produce noise and it is an eco friendly product. I would recomment this trimmer to be the best weed trimmer for people who have small back yards and want to do the entire job in few hours, without interruption. Also, you don’t have to be an expert in weed trimming to handle this trimmer, all you need to know is where to plug it in and how to start the trimmer.

Gas powered weed wacker

A gas powered weed wacker is more havy duty device. It is for people who love to use their hands, because this weed wacker is the only one of those 3 which needs maintaining. Don’t worry it isn’t anything complicated. It is more like changing the spark plugs and cleaning the wacker. A gas weed wacker is better if you have more durable weed in your backyard which just don’t seem to be destroyed by the electric weed trimmers. Gas powered weed wackers are stronger than electric ones, but also smellier (it is gas after all) and they do produce more noise. You may want to use an electric weed eater on the Sunday morning, but don’t use the gas weed wacker if you don’t want to irritate neighbours. The gas weed wacker is the best weed wacker for people who have large yards with stubborn weed which don’t want to go away. It is more durable and stronger than electric ones but it requires more maintenace and more money to buy one. I will dare to say that in this category, gas weed wacker is for people who know their back yard trimming.

What do you need to look in the best weed trimmer for you?

Besides types of weed trimmers there are many things you can think about. For example, I can start by asking questions you have to ask yourself before buying the best weed eater.

What is the size of the yard?

No matter if you have a front yard or a back yard, you have to maintain it. Think about the size of your yard. Is it a big yard or a small one? Would you need more than an hour to trimm the weed? Is it a regular shape yard or do you have some obstacles in the yard? If you have a yard that can be trimmed in under an hour, then I would recommend a battery weed eater. A battery weed eater is the best weed eater because you can do everyhing before the battery runs out and you don’t have to drag the cord behind you. If you have a bigger yard which doesn’t have obstacles (like a trampoline or some tree in the middle you can’t avoid) you can use an electric corded trimmer. Even though I am more of battery weed trimmer guy, I think that in some occasions the best weed trimmer is an electric corded trimmer. One of that situations is definitely making the job done all in one. Just imagine you have a big yard and you only have like 10 minutes of work and your battery dies. All that can be avoided with corded trimmmer (if the cord is long enough – think about the lenght).

Are you a rookie or an expert in weed trimming?

For a rookie the best weed trimmer is an electric one, with or without the cord, while for an expert the best weed wacker is the gas wacker. Electric trimmers are far more easier to handle and you don’t need to maintenace them. The only thing you must do is to recharge the battery and after a whlie buy a new one. For the electric corded all you need to do is to make sure that you won’t cut the cord with the weed trimmer. When it comes to gas trimmers, there are more maintenance but nothing too complicated, like I mentioned earlier in the article. Also, gas powered trimmers are more complicated due to the fact that they are powered with gas. You can’t just plug and start working, you have to have the best gas for them.

What is your budget?

Price is also something you can’t set aside. Buget dictates what is the best weed eater for you as well. Sometimes, even we don’t want to admit it, the price is our main criteria. Overall, you have to be aware that pricier models are the gas ones, so if you don’t want to spen much on weed eater than the best weed trimmer for you is the one with the batteries. It is the cheapest one, but itis the weakest one. You can always look for best buy weed eaters and find the best solution for you in that section. Just remember, if you want to buy the best weed wacker on the market, you shouldn’t look at the price.

The best of the best reviews

The best weed eater powered by electricity – Battery weed eater

BLACK+DECKER LST136W 40V MAX Lithium Trimmer

Black+Decker is an American company which produces gardening tools and almost everything you need for home improvement. It is a well known company which produces great quatily tools and I will say, don’t be surprised with my choice of the best weed trimmer. It is really impressive. First thing I will say is that this trimmer is really light and gets the job done. If you don’t have strong arms, don’t worry, you won’t have any problem with carrying this electric trimmer around your yard.

It is a great addition to your gardening tools if you aren’t planning to trimm more than an hour. It battery holds aprox 40 minutes, which is a downside, but on the other side, it can be fully cahrged in about half an hour. Also, what I liked the most about this model is that you can change its speed and trimming abilites. If you have to deal with some stubborn weed you can use stronger mode. If you are just touching up your yard, you can use slower mode, which automatically means that the battery will last longer.

This model is really the best weed eater in the battery category. It is light, easy to handle and you can just buy another battery to make trimming last longer.

• Light
• Easy to handle
• Good battery life
• Eco friendly
• silent

• Not for people who want to trimm for hours
• Not for large yards

GreenWorks 21212 4Amp 13-Inch Corded String Trimmer

GreenWorks is another high quality company which produces gardening tools with headquarters in Charlotte, NC USA. Its manufacturing facilites are based in China, in Changzhou. This is one of the best weed wackers on the market, when it comes to electric corded weed wackers.

What makes this corded weed wacker so good is its quality material and the fact that it is extremely user friendly. You don’t have to be an expert to handle this weed wacker like one. It is lightweight and strong enough for an average weed in the back yard. Due to the fact that it has a cord, it may not be perfect for large yards, but it is great for average size yards. It won’t break easily, but don’t test it on extra durable weed, because this weed wacker isn’t made for that. This is the best weed wacker for everyday weed most people have in their back yards.

I’ve said it is really user friendly due to the fact that it is simple to use. All you need to do is to plug the cord and push the button. Also, you can adjust the size of the weed wacker, since it has a telescopic handle.

• Easy to handle
• Telescopic design
• Powerful enough for average weeds

• Not for large yards, due to the cord

Hitachi CG22EAP2S

Hitachi is a company in Japan which produces high quality products in many fields, not just gardening tools. It is founded about 100 years ago and now it is one of the most important companies in Japan. I used their model as the best weed trimmer on the market, because the model is really impressive and I will show you now what I am talking about. First, let us talk about the product quality. This prodict is very durable which means it will last long time, but it is also lightweight so you don’t have to be a proffesional to handle it. Also, the fact that the warranty lasts for 7 years tells a lot about the quality.

It cuts ordinary weed and even stronger ones without any hassle, so if you haven’t touched the yard in your cottage for years, you could probably do it all with this weed trimmer. Some weed trimmers feel heavier, like they aren’t in balance which will lead to harder handling, pain in your arms, but that isn’t the case with this one. I must say, this weed trimmer seems like it is the best balanced weed trimmer on the market, you can hardly feel any difference when you are holding it.

• Lightweight
• Can cut almost every weed type
• Excellent balance

• Smaller cutting path, it can prolongate your work