Best walk behind string trimmer

Bearing appearance of the cross between the walk behind string trimmer and the lawn mower, the wheeled is the powerful gardening implement, which will easily cut through the thick and the stubborn weeds as well as grasses. They’re perfect for the use in the rugged terrain, which cannot get handled with the regular mower and where grass and shrubbery is very thick to get dealt with by using the standard walk behind string trimmer. In fact, an inexperienced gardener might find it very hard to choose best one for the needs on own; however here is the detailed guide on buying the first walk behind string trimmer, and followed by the reviews of some best walk behind trimmers in the market.

Gas-Powered Trimmers

The gas powered trimmers are actually made for the large lawns with the heavy trimming obligations, as well as are the choice of the landscaping professionals. Available with 2cycle or 4cycle engines, the string trimmers are very versatile to handle most of the jobs. Some models are outfitted with the attachments so that you will not just trim, but also the edge, prune and cultivate as well. The brush cutters are the big brother of the string trimmers, thicker line, sporting bigger engines, and powerful metal blades to cut through the thick brush as well as weeds. The walk behind string trimmer are very catching on as well as filling the market. They are accessible in the handheld versions, however, walk-behind or tow-behind versions also for those with the massive areas to clean out.

Remington 22Inch Trimmer Lawn Mower

The simple to use which gets your job done, even while you are facing seriously tall as well as tough weed growth and this has received plenty of praise for reliability as well as the performance of the efficient and the powerful 4stroke of OHV engine. The manufacturer is very clearly concerned about convenience of a user since lawn mower also comes with the folding handle, which makes this simple to store as well as transport. Offset walk behind string trimmer head feature also allows the user to trim at difficult to find areas, and 14inch of ball bearing wheels also can tackle the tough ground with push weed eater.

Pros: Powerful for the engine size; Quick starter, all thanks to the surprisingly simple pull cord; Strong string line; Easy Line Replacements with the walk behind weed eater.

Cons: Difficulty using on the slope higher than 15 degrees; Only 1inch of diameter for the wheels.

Southland SWFT 15022 Walk Behind Field Trimmer

Packing the 5Foot and Pounds OHV139CC engine, the offering from the Southland comes with the solid features – and adjustable height, the Manual Recoil simple Start Fuel System, the Quad walk behind string trimmer Head with Line measuring of .155’’ in of diameter with push weed eater, 14inch of rear wheels for the enhanced maneuverability, as well as foldable and anti-vibration handle, which makes this very convenient to store as well as comfortable to operate in walk behind weed eater. The field walk behind string trimmer is been certified by both California Research Board & EPA, thus you may rest easy about the environmental footprint. Thus, this is the no frills walk behind string trimmer, which works as it is advertised. It is made with the quality parts as well as has received plenty of praise for the simplicity and the reliability. This is the product which is of good quality and you will never have a problem with it making use of it. Go in something like this which gives you good quality.

Pros: Vibration free and comfortable operation; Quiet and powerful motor; A foldable handle that will allow for the simple storage as well as transportation; Simple to start, like reported by many users.

Cons: Replacement air filter just available from the Southland.

Husqvarna HU625HWT 190 cc High Wheel Trimmer

Husqvarna HU625HWT of high wheel walk behind string trimmer is very formidable, all thanks to the hefty 190 cc Briggs and Stratton engine, which will work the way through the tough and unyielding weed as well as grass that the standard weed whackers cannot handle. This as well comes with the adjustable height from over 1.3 – 3 inches, as well as it is very simple to replace the cutting line. I have found a few evidence of the subpar build materials with help of string trimmer mower. Note that this is not the compliant with CARB, thus it is not for sale at California.

Pros: Works well with the tough weed & grass; Simple to start up as well as operate; Simple to replace the cutting line; Doesn’t consume oil.

Cons: Possible design flaw might cause the weeds to stick over the shaft that will lead to a lot of damage; String carrier will get damaged very easily due to the weak build

Swisher ST 67522BS Standard Trimmer

Swisher 6.75 of gross torque string trimmer mower packs all standard features that you will ever expect from the product in the price range – the sturdy engine and 14inch of wheel diameter, as well as 22inch of cutting swath. This as well claims to have the superior ergonomic design that will alleviate back ache that is associated with some other competitors. But, it appears to be only true for the users fitting the specific physique as well as build. Having said this, the string trimmer gets this job done very remarkably thanks to the hefty 190 cc engine as well as tough cutting line, although the components’ build materials also leave something to get desired with string trimmer mower.

Pros: Strong engine and tough cutting line that cut very easily through the tough weed with string trimmer mower.

Cons: Not as good quality of building the materials like others; This 14’’ of wheels are very hard to push further with push weed trimmers.