Cheap weed eaters

Battery powered cheap weed eaters has actually become the popular option for a lot of homeowners. The low cost, as well as ease of use, also appeals to any of the audience. Anyone may slap the battery in, as well as start weed eating within seconds. In order, to use the battery powered eater, you only have to charge the battery as well as plug this into weed eater. While it comes to ease of use, battery powered trimmer wins by the knockout. Suppose you opt for the gas powered model, make sure you use just the gasoline to which you have added the fuel stabilizer, all along with the right amount of two cycle oil. The small engines are particularly prone to the fuel related problems with those cheap weed eaters. Begin this it each couple of weeks in case you are leaving fuel in the tank, and run this dry at an end of season. I also recommend the pre-mixed, and ethanol free fuel, accessible for over $6 – $8 quart at the local home center. In addition to eliminating starting problems, this saves you the hassle of mixing the gas and the oil. Many choices and string-trimmer include 90gas and corded- and cordless and electric models that are sold through the home centers. Make sure to see the buying guide in case you are unsure on which kind of the trimmer and helpful features, are good for you with cheap weed eaters.


As for the power, these will not be very overwhelming and cut down a 5foot tall nest of the weeds in the backyard; however, they do pack the punch. Better models may have 40 watts and higher battery. Suppose you have used the cordless drill with only 18volts, then you know how much powerful it is. Add other 22volts, you may imagine what outcome will be with cheap weed eaters.

Very Limited Time

An only downside to the battery powered eaters is a battery itself. Whereas versatile and simple to use, this has all the disadvantages. The battery may die with time and require purchase of the new one. However, price to maintain battery pales when compared to the money that you can spend on the gas for gas cheap weed eaters. You also are limited to amount of the usage time every charge. Once it is dead, you have to wait till it charges up. Adding to the struggle is a fact that a few batteries may start to get useless when the battery gets very low. Although still, it has the power; it will not have enough of juice to do what it has to do. Battery powered eater is the good option in case you have the larger yard, which needs the general lawn care. Although you have some acres with a few bushes or small trimming that you need to take care, these may easily complete a task. Even the well-mowed property will look sloppy without occasional follow-up with the string trimmer that will clear away the weeds or other tall growth over the obstacles as well as along lawn’s perimeter. So, here are some top picks from the latest and cheap weed eaters that will cost $150 and less you can get cheap weed eaters.

Poulan Propp 25CFA

The curved shaft and gas powered Pro are among lowest rated models that we have tested, still, it had the top trimming as well as tall grass performance. This 12.5pound unit has the fixed line of head that rotates to get easier edging and detaches to allow you to add some other attachments, like the hedge trimmer. Like most of the trimmers, this has 2 trimming lines. The edging, whereas impressive, is the notch below best. However being the cheap weed eaters, that is hardly the sacrifice.

Pros: Safe; Durable

Cons: Quality

Craftsman 71117

The curved shaft and gas powered Craftsman, at $150, was the top notch and cheap weed eaters at the regular and the tall grass trimming, and with the impressive edging also, all thanks to the dual heavy duty with .110inch lines. This has the clutch that stops cutting head by spinning while the engine is idling. There is also the head that will rotate for simple edging. In 11.7 pounds, it is not exactly light. But still, it remains the good and cheap weed eaters pick overall.

Pros: Durable; Long lasting

Cons: Quality

Weed Eater Featherlite SST 25CE

The straight shaft and gas-powered of trimmer weighs only 10.3pounds and still, the model is no lightweight while it comes about performance and comes in the category of cheap weed eaters. Trimming & edging were very impressive, and the tall grass performance that was superb. And starting is very straightforward, without any choke to worry of. You may add the short lengths of the line without any need to load or unload the spool. Like most of the trimmers, this has 2 lines for the faster and aggressive cuts and is one of the best and cheap weed eaters.

Pros: Safe; Durable

Cons: Price

Stihl FSE 60

Choose the curved shaft and corded electric trimmer in case you want an easy start with cheap weed eaters as well as low maintenance of the electric and do all the trimming within 100 foot limit of the power cord. The pluses include the trimming, edging as well as a tall-grass performance on par with the lighter duty of gas trimmers, all along with 2 lines you will find on many trimmers. Like many other corded electric trimmers, it is relatively light at 8.7 pounds and is cheap weed eaters, though you will find lighter models in the category.

Pros: Safe; Durable

Cons: Price; Feature

Worx WG175

The battery powered trimmer by Worx, $150, is also suitable for the general trimming and is a cheap weed eaters, with just infrequent edging and tall-grass chores. This 32 volts and straight-shaft model also were lightweight at 6pounds, and we have found it simple to use through these features as cutting head, which swivels for the edging.

Pros: Safe; Quality

Cons: Features