Earthwise CST00012 review

Earthwise CST00012 is the inexpensive and cordless weed eater – very lightweight, simple to use as well as with many useful adjustments. Once you make it point that you that you have gone through some earth wise cst00012 review, you will come to know so much about the product. It is designed for the lighter duties as well as cleanup as it does not have enough of power for the heavier trimming.


CST00012 shares all advantages of the cordless weed whackers – and complete the freedom of movement, and no worries of dragging a cord (winding this up after trimming) and mixing the fuel. This is quiet, light as well as balance is nice. Also really simple to assemble and use always read some good earthwise cst00012 review. Also, there aren’t any vibrations and noise typical for the gas trimmers.

Power and the line feeding

This is made for the light trimming as well as cleanup jobs –thud do not expect power of the modern cordless trimmers (that cost 2 or 3 times more) and even the gas machines. Trimmer uses the autofeed that will advance line, thus no bumping is needed– and the users report this works fine, needs a bit of help from time to time so read earthwise cst00012 review if you want to be aware of that. This is perfect for the smaller or the medium yards while you just have to clear the areas not at all accessible by the mower – around the trees, fences and walls. It does not have enough of power to cut down the thick grass or the tough weeds.


On other hand, also they are much cheaper than 36 and 40V –also you get a possibility to use many other Earthwise 18 V tools (pole saw, blower, chain saw and hedge trimmer) with same batteries This CST00012 uses the 18 V of NiCd battery system that presents many disadvantages in case you compare this to newer 36 and 40 V lithium-ions, which is a good base for a earthwise cst00012 review. Running time is a bit lower (20 to 30 minutes every battery) and this recharges overnight –thus you might need the spare battery even though yours is not an extra large.

Using this as the edger

Question is what extent it is manufacturing defect and if it is just the improper care to NiCd battery (there is memory effect that reduces running time as battery gets older, in case not recharged rightly) this is something you must definitely find in the earthwise cst00012 review. There are some customers who complained battery lost majority of the run time after a year for instance.

Edger or adjustments

For the tool this cheap, this gives the great number of the adjustments. Edger conversion with the metal guard is the standard; however you can tilt head in three positions and set angle of upper handle as you like. First item you can note is how simple it is carry the particular string trimmer that is light even the young teenager can use this without even having to worry of fatigue like they will experience with many other models. Shaft is extendable thus you may set this at right length for the height. Just it is a bit short for the people over 6feet. Suppose the yard is below one acre in the size then you must think of getting Earthwise CST00012 18Volt 12Inch Cordless Trimmer and using this as the primary trimming tool. There’re a lot of distinct features that are associated with the String Trimmer as well as we will take some minutes to make a earthwise cst00012 review in complete detail.

Cordless Freedom

As Earthwise CST00012 18Volt 12Inch Cordless Trimmer comes wit the Ni cad batteries and there is not any need to use the extension cord for the power so individual will carry a trimmer wherever they actually want with complete ease. You do not need to worry of adding more of line when using trimmer, it has the automatic line feed thus you will focus on the trimming instead starting or stopping all the time that can give you nothing only headaches. While Earthwise CST00012  is totally reliable this is not intended for the commercial use thus if you’re the professional landscaping expert the unit will not at all be suitable for the daily work but perfect for the home.  The particular model isn’t refurbished thus you have the total peace of mind to know that you are having something totally brand new, which has not been used earlier.

Earthwise 12 Inch 18 Volt Cordless Trimmer, CST00012

Earthwise CST 00012 18Volt 12Inch Cordless String Trimmer & see this in action yourself, you will love this like we do remember to wear the safety goggles when using a trimmer always make it a point that you read earthwise cst00012 review. Whereas comparable trimmers cost fortune the particular model is affordable as well as there is no maintenance that you will not need to spend any money on the gasoline and oil that can make the wallet happy. While you buy Earthwise CST00012 Cordless Trimmer it can come with full two year of manufacturer’s warranty that cover unit so you don’t need to worry of repairing this unit if this stops working that is unlikely happen given reputation EarthWise also has earned over years.

Pros: Lightweight and easy to use; Cheap; Useful adjustments

Cons: Not very comfortable for the taller people; Only for the light trimming

Suppose you need the inexpensive string trimmer only for the lighter jobs, or cleanup as well as edging, Earthwise CST00012 is the ideal candidate to you – lightweight, easy and quiet to use. But, suppose you need more of power, we will recommend you Black and Decker LST136W. Reading some good earthwise cst00012 review, will help.. Many people are not sure, which product to buy, but that is the reason we have reviews everywhere, to help you decide which product is the best for you.