Garden hose reviews

What Makes One Hose Better Than the Other?

Hoses are like the extension cords, in this, the first concern must be the length. This pays to measure the distance from the spigot to all places where you will need the hose to reach and make it a point that you read some garden hose reel reviews. Suppose that distance exceeds a hundred feet, you may either buy the industrial-length or buy 2 and more hoses you may, in turn, hook to each other. Remember that longer the hose, more difficult this is to roll up and uncoil it. Next area you would like to consider is the thickness. The standard garden hoses generally measure half of inch in the diameter, and this is good for the general gardening purposes, and you may have to look in 3/4inch of the hose of you want to deliver more of water or pressure. Suppose you only have to use the hose once in awhile, the vinyl hose may do a trick. The vinyl hoses are much cheaper than the rubber counterparts. The vinyl hoses are more compact, lighter as well as less prone to the kinks. With this said, vinyl hoses do not provide much of pressure as the rubber hose does, they are not nearly capable of standing to these elements. While choosing the attachments, make sure you read product descriptions. Your main concern with that is ensuring that nozzle is the perfect fit for the diameter of the hose. Suppose you have the environmental concerns, then look for the hoses that will come advertised as the BPA or phthalate free. Suppose you would like to avoid the risk of the bacteria in hose’s water, then look for the model that actually features the antimicrobial protection also make sure that your read garden hose reel reviews.

Flexon PCH5850

Flexon PCH5850 has the UV resistant cover as well as is capable of self-coiling while not in the use, and making this super simple to store after the watering is done. The wide spray diameter also is ideal for covering the large surface grass area in the short time frame make it a point that you read garden hose reel reviews.

Pros: Solid brass compression of couplings; Hard to extend; Sink faucet adapter to indoor use;

Cons: Price; Features

Gilmour Flexogen

It is reinforced with the sturdy polyester cording as well as with 8ply construction, Gilmour Flexogen is the true garden force being reckoned with. The flow guard collar, the protective spring, and the O-ring work at tandem to the resist kinking at a faucet, whereas ensuring the tight seal. Some good garden hose reel reviews will give you information.

  • Pros: Price is very affordable; Stiff and pain to expand; Foam & nylon knit wrap


GoGreen 91-GHB50

Not just is GoGreen 91GHB50 capable in expanding or collapsing down to the compact 17feet in just seconds but included spray head has eight adjustable water patterns that will help to maximize the efficiency while watering any size of the lawn and backyard.

Pros: It is very simple to store: Not very durable as the competition; Pressure resistant latex

Cons: Simple; Price

Teknor Apex NeverKink

With the patented Non-Torsion, Teknor Apex NeverKink is assured against both the tangling and the kinking, whereas the lead-free couplings, as well as micro shield antimicrobial, allow this to stay fully resistant to mold & mildew while left outdoors.

Pros: Flexible for simple handling; Ergo sleeve prevents the leaks; Replacing washers is also cumbersome

Cons: Quality; Price


Thanks to the 3/4inch of removable copper fittings, LawnPro LPEH50BLK delivers the long lasting use as well as wide-reaching compatibility to standard hose faucets, the spray nozzles, or sprinklers in the United States. However, the length shrinks very much when the water flows from it. Make it a point that you read garden hose reel reviews.

Pros: Customer service is very friendly; Hose is heavy; 5000 denier fabric casing

Cons: Quality; Price

Gardenirvana Expandable

Setting Gardenirvana Expandable far apart from the competition is the dependable combination of the triple layered latex tube material as well as strength elastic fabric, and both of that help to protect this from the damage that is caused by pets, thorns, as well as sharp corners. Always make sure that you read garden hose reel reviews.

Pros: Comes with the storage bag; It is a bit on bulky side; Brass connectors and shutoff valves

Cons: Price; Features

Dramm ColorStorm 17003

Dramm ColorStorm 17003 actually is constructed from the premium quality rubber. This offers the working pressure of over 120PSI and burst rating of over 500 PSI, and allowing this to handle the heavy use on any lawn and garden, irrespective of the size. Make sure that your read garden hose reel reviews

Pros: Available in many colors; Lifetime guarantee is given; Fittings are very crush proof

Con: Quality; Price

Water Right PSH-100

Slim and lightweight, and very durable, Water Right PSH100 is fitted with the industrial quality, the chrome plated brass connectors for the superior longevity. The dual strain reliefs also will prevent the potential kinks at faucet as well as nozzle attachment points. Always read garden hose reel reviews.

Pros: Made in USA; Flow rate of 4 to 5 gallons every minute; Lead & BPA-free

Cons: Price; Features

Legacy Flexzilla

Impressive Legacy Flexzilla generally extends to 50feet in the overall length as well as is more equipped with the SwivelGrip male & female connectors, and allowing this to get attached from any end without twisting. The hybrid polymer tube material also is drinking water safe. You can come to know more by reading garden hose reel reviews.

Pros: Lays flat as well as coils easily; -40 and 150-degrees of operating range; 150psi working pressure

Cons: Price; Shipping