Lightweight garden hose

Water Right 400Series Slim and Light Hose

Drinking water safe as well as boosting over 4.5 gallons every minute flow, it is the lightweight garden hose you can get the watering needs to be taken care in the flash. It is super lightweight as well as is lightest of lightweight garden hose that can find in the search for the perfect lightweight garden hose. This is the super slim and simple to move over, the definite perk while you need to bring the water any of the distance for the watering purposes. Water Right series hoses are meant to be very flexible, as well as come in a selection of the colors also if you ever like that type of thing. I’ve no shame: in complementing my siding with the lightweight garden hose that is right to my alley. Also, I like there is the wide range of both the lengths and the lightweight garden hose diameters to select from. Biggest complaints surrounding the product is, in fact, it kinks sometimes – that it should not do. Personally, I also find every manufacturer of the hoses say that their hose is not supposed to kink, and each rating site has the review that actually complains of kinking. And I feel surviving the extreme temperatures or having the decent durability that will last outweigh the issue. The particular lightweight garden hose is well suited for someone looking for the good, and all-around hose, which will hold up to the weather and the multiple tasks through a year.

Pros: Drinking water safe; Flexible in the sub zero and 140 degrees of weather; Simple to move around; Easily storage

Cons: Weak flow rate; Doesn’t ‘free’ coil very easily on ground; Kinks very easily while not filled with the water

ZeroG4001 Lightweight Hose

The new design gives the inner polymer tube to be covered by the woven fiber, the non-snag covering, which gives both the protection and the durability. While not filled with the water this collapses totally for the simple folding storage, though you may wind this on the reel and it still can allow the water to flow when not completely extended. The patented couplings are been considered as crush proof, as well as they look like they are very thick & durable in the design, still fit the universal nozzle. It is mentioned many times how simple it is to actually combine the multiple lightweight garden hose without even sacrificing much in a way of the weight or the overall water pressure. Actually, I am intrigued by design as well overall ratings surrounding the lightweight garden hose and believe this will be good to try around during summer months. It is not the choice, however, for the temperatures that will drop below freezing, since materials won’t stand up in cold extremes, as well as freezing water will damage or strain materials rendering them totally useless. It is the great pick for the temperate climate users and those that put up the lightweight garden hose when temperatures start to drop towards the freezing.

Pros: Fittings are nicely made; 5-year warranty; Easy to grip; Lightweight and simple to pull; Durable

Cons: Hard to roll up; Leaks very easily, though covered by the warranty; Is not very kink free

Legacy Flexzilla Hose

The thing will hold up to extreme weather as well as can handle over -40 degrees of temperatures without damage to the materials. Once again, it is a lightweight garden hose that is been promised not kink, however, it seems that it holds up to the promise providing you keep water. As you must be using this with the water, that appears reasonable and is the favorite with the consumers. To me it is just fun looking the lightweight garden hose I think I may like and try out despite being on the heavier side of the lightweight garden hose. Cold factor has also hooked me despite living in the desert because it gets into the digits here and I hate putting up lightweight garden hose while I know I need to drag this back out and fill up the stock tanks. Flexzilla is drinking water safe that I like, as mentioned, the living things may drink from it (and things include children). The complaints about lightweight garden hose have everything with how easily this will kink due to the flexibility when water isn’t on.

Pros: Very flexible; Handles freezing weather very well; Holds up very well in heat and sun; Lightweight and simple to use

Cons: Will kink when not filled with the water; Heavier than any other lightweight brands, and very durable; Has the curvature memory

Tuff-Guard Hose

Probably most unique design in the market about any lightweight garden hose is a Tuff guard garden hose. I all admit, the thing intrigues me at no end, I cannot for life figure how this holds up on what it claims, still, reviews indicate this in correct conditions. The weather tolerant (and down to over -20 degrees), and very lightweight at over 3.3lbs and 25 feet, the lightweight garden hose looks like nothing that I have ever seen outside of children’s toys. Still, despite it is one major flaw (as described below) it appears to get loved by the consumer for each job imaginable whereas it is working. The multiple colors and the lengths are accessible as a 5/8th inch of diameter lightweight garden hose with the sturdy and brass fittings.  This is a good product and you will not have a problem making sue of this, so what are you waiting for?

Pros: Very durable, will bury and withstands the temperatures to the below freezing; 1 year of warranty; Kink-proof; Survives high temperatures

Cons: Leaked fittings within some months; Fitting to the hose connection will tear easily