Straight vs curved trimmer

The gas string actually is the invaluable resource to the lawn as well as yard enthusiast that will trim & edge the spaces, as well as help to keep the weeds at bay in a hard to reach the type of places – like under the decking as well as against the chain link fences. There is a wide range of the gas string straight vs curved trimmer in the market right now, the most noticeable difference to be the overall design. They’re also sold as the straight shaft or the curved shaft model, as well as depending on what you want the straight vs curved trimmer for specifically, the overall decision will be based on the versatility and the personal comfort.

Straight Shaft:

Pros: Heavy duty; Multiple head choices; Long precision reach

Cons: Increased vibration; Throws debris; Heavier weight;

Curved Shaft

Pros: Increased control; Easy to store and transport; Lightweight

Cons: Short reach; Hard to keep head level; Difficult to get in bushes and decking

Which Works Good For You?

In order to start defining difference between straight vs curved trimmer, we need to start with what exactly shaft is. The shaft is a part of the weed eater, which transfers power from motor and engine to lines that cut grass via the internal drive cable. Here to know about straight vs curved trimmer model, this cable is uninterrupted also, and this follows that cable should then arch within the curved model. This will lead to the potential wear as well as breakage with time and loss of the power from the motor. But, people who chose the straight vs curved trimmer normally do not use it for many projects and for the extended time frame, so the wear of the product is small.

String Curved Shaft

The contoured line generally is a better balance, and lighter, and very less expensive than the level counterpart, and running on an average right over $100. But, because of the arched drive cable, many are limited to the nylon line that will not get swapped out with the durable nylon and bladed head attachment. One that will carry the alternate attachments of straight vs curved trimmer sacrifice the power because of loss of the torque through the curve. Notwithstanding, on what extras this doesn’t have, this makes up for the ease of use at the small and medium size of the yard, particularly for the owner of the smaller stature because of the style & weight of straight vs curved trimmer.


The gas has 2 cycle engine, which powers the rotating head in which the nylon string attachment will be connected. Main power is on opposite end and with the handle and the hand grips of the various sorts. The straight vs curved trimmer actually is made to be very lightweight (and median is over 8 lbs), with the shorter reach, which cuts using the pendulum type of motion. The design is very attractive to the person of the shorter stature, as well as speaking from the experience (as I stand 5’4”), and I find them very comfortable and simple to use for the basic yard maintenance. What is more, the basic trimming will be done very effortlessly and fast because of the simple design.


Like with all the straight vs curved trimmer, the curved is made in mind by taking out the annoying weeds, which grow up in spaces that the lawn mower cannot fit in. design is of conducive for the trimming flawlessly over the manicured garden beds, trees, driveways, paths as well as fences with the control and the ease when you walk, as well as is perfect for the average suburban yard. The durable small machines are simple to store as well as transport also and is the nice item you can have for cleaning up the yard as well as lawn details for the moderate homeowner who are confused about straight vs curved trimmer.

String and Straight Shaft

The leveled line definitely is very powerful as well as versatile altogether than the curved model, because of shaft length. It translates in the overall flexibility that will maintain a wide range of the different jobs and depend on the yard and space. This means it’s the heavier and harder to maneuver than the curved, though it is normally very durable with the straight vs curved trimmer. What is more, due to extra control on torque you’ve as the user through straighter drive cable, and most models come well equipped with the interchangeable heads for the range of the jobs without even losing the power to the tool itself. It means, of course, the models are very expensive, running at $200 or more.


The gas is been powered through 2 and 4 cycles of the engine that administers the rotating head in the same manner the curved shaft does. So now it is easy to choose between straight vs curved trimmer. The handle grips are very similar and in all the models as well as are found between engine & head of a tool. The straight shaft is made with the purpose of the reachability, and though you will not cut with ease of the rhythmic pendulum swing since you can with contoured design, you may reach under lower hanging obstacles. Due to this, it is more cumbersome and normally falls in the median range of the 10lbs. With straight vs curved trimmer in mind, I have mentioned that I was just 5’4” earlier; I have got no problems in using the straight line for the extended time frame, and prefer this due to the overall versatility. Many people of the height prefer such models also since the curved shaft will force you lean in any hard and reach areas, and putting a lot of strain on this taller stature. There are many products, but this is one of the better products in the market and you will be happy making use of this. So, all you need to do is to see if the straight or the curved trimmers suits you better.